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DuPont Refinish is a professional supplier of innovative and unique automotive paints and services to the refinishing industry.

SATA sets the standard-for paint spray guns, compressed air filters and worker health protection.

3M provides products and components for providing high-quality products and services to automotive manufacturers, automotive body shops, the aerospace and marine industries, and other segments of the transportation market worldwide.

Colad: For each user problem Colad offers a solution with a constant perfect final result. Colad presents a complete assortment of practical and innovative consumables, which fills in perfectly the wishes of the professional.

DeVILBISS sets the standard for spray finishing through its research and development, innovative product line, and commitment to customer service.

MIRKA manufactures and sells coated abrasives for demanding conditions. Mirka is a specialist in flexible abrasives and products that allow for dust-free surface finishing processes.

Henkel Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments serve the transportation, electronics, aerospace, metal, durable goods, consumer goods, maintenance and repair and packaging industries, and offer a broad range of products for the craftsman and consumer.

TERMOMECCANICA GL S.r.l. continues to expand its position of leadership in the design and marketing of high-performance products to be always one step ahead in meeting requirements coming from a continuously evolving market where competition gets harder and harder.

Microtex offers a complete line of microfiber cloth for specific applications.

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